About Us

The Campsie Glen Woodland Community Interest Company SC700605 was established in June 2021. We purchased The Campsie Glen Woodland to preserve this greenspace for wildlife to flourish and future generations to enjoy. The land includes 32 acres of mixed woodland, waterfalls, greenspace and car park. We seek to increase the opportunities for people to connect with nature – and each other – in order to benefit their physical and mental health and to support and nurture people.

We have a longer term vision that our activities will be a catalyst for outdoor recreation and environmental activities throughout the Campsies, a range of hills about 10 miles to the north of Glasgow and with surprisingly good public transport links into the city.

Campsie Glen Woodland CIC are passionate about preserving the natural environment for the health and well-being of the planet and for people to enjoy. We believe that nature has the potential to heal and educate people. Unfortunately over the last few decades it has become increasingly difficult for people to access natural environments and learn about their importance, and we are losing greenspace. We are committed to changing this through the work in Campsie Glen Woodland and we hope you will share our vision and support this exciting project.

Please observe the outdoor access code when using the land

Founding activities of the CIC

  • Skills training and empowerment in forestry, bush crafts and outdoor activities
    • Forest schools, outdoor learning and outward bound activities for all ages
    • Actives to enhance physical and mental health and well-being
    • Showcase for sustainable ecological technologies and practices, woodland management and entrepreneurship
    • Beekeeping, foraging and similar small scale food production
    • Low impact revenue generation including food concession, overnighting and outdoor recreation
    • Maintenance and improvement of the land to the benefit of the diverse user base
    • Empowerment of the local community to sustain, care and use the land, potentially with an activity centre
    • Occasional community and fundraising public events including music, storytelling and theatre

>> If you would like to be involved in any of these activities or have other ideas for the land please do get in touch

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for reinvesting in the woodland, infrastructure and activities